The Wine School of Delaware

"Starting a new business venture the right way can be quite daunting especially when it comes to establishing an attractive and effective web presence. I was fortunate enough to find Will early on in my venture and he has been a wonderful resource for my business ever since.

"I started off by providing Will with a web template that seemed quite attractive. However, the construction of the template was incredibly complicated and would make management of the site difficult and more expensive for me in the future. Will took the time to redesign the code and provided me with not only an attractive web presence, but more importantly a self-service site administration system that enables quick and easy updates to my classes, an invaluable tool.

"Will has a wonderful ability listen to the customer and delivers a product that incorporates customer wants and needs into a successful online presence. He translated the technical decisions I needed to make into simple 'non-tech' language, and did a great job keeping me organized and focused throughout the project.

"Will, thanks for being so responsive and flexible with my schedule (especially those 10 p.m. Skype meetings!). I could not have done it without you. I look forward to working with you in the future."

- Steven Pruitt