Stoney Brook B&B

"After limping along with a rather simple Web site for many years but not knowing exactly what to do about it, I was awakened to the possibilities by one of my repeat guests! The result is Stoneybrook’s current Web site, with which we are delighted.

"Will did it all. He took hundreds of photographs of the grounds and the rooms, designed the site layout and developed the graphics. While professional throughout, Will did not hesitate to pester us until we gave him the assets needed to complete the work. Along the way, he came up with some excellent techniques to present Stoneybrook well and communicate what we have to offer. It’s working, too – in just its first few weeks, the site generated not only leads, but reservations. Will’s Google magic helped us as well.

"We’re proud to point anyone to our Web site now, and we do. Thanks, Will!"

- Janet Malpeli
Proprietor (Ret.)