Video Demos

SiteCommander™ is a custom, self-service solution I developed to build Web sites for small businesses. With a SiteCommander-driven site, the content of a site can be maintained by the site's owner without incurring additional Web development costs. It is very easy to use.

The videos below show some aspects of SiteCommander and how it has been used by some of my clients. All the sites I build are customized to the specific client's needs; if you don't see a feature you want I can make it happen. (For information about Web site development work, please visit

These videos are somewhat dated; SiteCommander has evolved since they were made. However, they accurately portray the capabilities of SiteCommander and the way it is used.

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SiteCommander Overview

Self-Servicing Your Own Site

SiteCommander is a username- and password-protected administration section of your Web site. SiteCommander provides helpful information about your site and is the area in which you self-service those areas of content you have elected to manage.


Write & Publish Your Own Articles

SiteCommander allows you to write articles or blurbs for your Web site. Most clients choose to publish the articles on the home page of the site but articles can be categorized and displayed anywhere. The editor allows rich formatting and includes spell check.

Events Calendar

SiteCommander's full Calendar System

SiteCommander features a general-purpose events calendar system. It can be used to supply information to such things as shows pages on band sites, event calendars for organizations and training class schedules for businesses. It can also be used for private calendar information for SiteCommander users.

Static Pages

Self-Service for Rarely Changed Pages

Fixed pages on your site with content that rarely changes can be managed by SiteCommander's Pages system. Pages allows the same kind of rich content as articles. Pages also allows for boilerplate entries for "snippets" of content that need to be placed in a specific location.

Restaurant Menus

Live, Self-Service Menus for Dining Establishments

From fast food to fine dining, my menu management feature allows any eatery to maintain an online menu with up-to-the-minute prices and descriptions. Specials are easily accomodated. The menu system can be used in many ways to provide information to different areas of your site.

Photo Galleries

Show Off Products, Projects, or Just Yourself

Photo galleries can be used for many different purposes in a SiteCommander-driven site. In this demo you'll see "lightbox" style galleries and you'll see how galleries can be attached to other items, like articles and store items.


A Specialized Photo Gallery for In-Place Display

A "rotating" display of images is often an attractive and effective way to present information about products or projects. A variant of photo galleries accomplishes this in SiteCommander.


Managing YouTube Videos on Your Site

A very simple mechanism allows a SiteCommander site to host YouTube videos. The presentation, like photo galleries, is a popup lightbox. Other presentations are possible.

Business Operating Hours

Manage Your Store's Hours and Holidays

If your business is a "brick & mortar" establishment, a simple panel in SiteCommander allows you to manage both your regular business hours and your holiday schedule.


Simple E-Commerce for Web Site Stores

I can integrate basic e-commerce capability into your Web site with either PayPal buttons or an E-Junkie shopping cart. These solutions require less security than a full-blown e-commerce solution. Better yet, both are less expensive than a full store.

The Coffee News Package

A Solution for Coffee News Publishers

This special version of SiteCommander is perfectly tailored to the multi-edition Coffee News franchise. Based around edition control, the entire site morphs to reflect the distribution outlets and advertising for a specific paper edition. As with all SiteCommander sites, content is self-service.