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Visual Studio Code - Extensions Update

Visual Studio Code LogoVisual Studio Code is heavily dependent on extensions and the quality of those extensions is important. There have been some improvements, and I learn a couple of things.

Visual Studio Code - Mid-Term Report

PhpStorm LogoWith more projects in VSC's corral and many, many more hours behind the keyboard, a few cracks are beginning to show. Is PhpStorm in my future?

Visual Studio Code - Expression Web Tip #1

Visual Studio Code TipExpression Web keeps its metadata in a way that was practical two decades ago but is cumbersome now. It's not needed with Visual Studio Code. Here's how to deal with it.

Visual Studio Code - The Transition

Visual Studio Code LogoWorking with Visual Studio Code is a challenge but also a pleasure. Understanding it better is bearing fruit, one keyboard shortcut and one extension at a time.

Visual Studio Code - First Look

Visual Studio Code LogoAfter twenty years using FrontPage and then Expression Web to build Web sites, something new is needed. Can Visual Studio Code do the job?

Will I Keep Using Rapid PHP 2020?

Back on its two-year schedule, Blumentals releases its newest update to Rapid PHP, the PHP-centric version of its Web development tool suite. It is a modest release with some important improvements, but probably not enough for me.

Expression Web: The Final Denouement

Expression Web 4 LogoRecent events have conspired to make Expression Web far less useful. The moment I've been dreading, completely changing my toolset, is nigh.

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