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Visual Studio Code - SFTP Update

Visual Studio Code LogoThe SFTP extension for Visual Studio Code is an extremely important one because VSC has no native publishing capability. SFTP has some problems and its future is uncertain.

Visual Studio Code - Extensions Update

Visual Studio Code LogoVisual Studio Code is heavily dependent on extensions and the quality of those extensions is important. There have been some improvements, and I learn a couple of things.

Visual Studio Code - Mid-Term Report

PhpStorm LogoWith more projects in VSC's corral and many, many more hours behind the keyboard, a few cracks are beginning to show. Is PhpStorm in my future?

Visual Studio Code - Expression Web Tip #1

Visual Studio Code TipExpression Web keeps its metadata in a way that was practical two decades ago but is cumbersome now. It's not needed with Visual Studio Code. Here's how to deal with it.

Visual Studio Code - The Transition

Visual Studio Code LogoWorking with Visual Studio Code is a challenge but also a pleasure. Understanding it better is bearing fruit, one keyboard shortcut and one extension at a time.

Visual Studio Code - First Look

Visual Studio Code LogoAfter twenty years using FrontPage and then Expression Web to build Web sites, something new is needed. Can Visual Studio Code do the job?

Will I Keep Using Rapid PHP 2020?

Back on its two-year schedule, Blumentals releases its newest update to Rapid PHP, the PHP-centric version of its Web development tool suite. It is a modest release with some important improvements, but probably not enough for me.

Expression Web: The Final Denouement

Expression Web 4 LogoRecent events have conspired to make Expression Web far less useful. The moment I've been dreading, completely changing my toolset, is nigh.

Guitar List Retired

After my list of banjo makers had been around for a few years, I thought I might expand my listings to include other Bluegrass instruments. I started a guitar list. However, I'm not keeping that up well and want to focus on banjos, so the guitar list is being retired and I won't be doing other instruments as originally planned.

The Worst Passwords of 2019

For years, SplashData published an annual list of worst passwords. The tradition seemed to stop in 2018 but the list from that year is still a useful reminder that good passwords are important.

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