Will's List of Bluegrass Guitar Makers, Builders & Manufacturers

This is a list of guitar makers whose instruments are used by Bluegrass musicians. It is based on my knowledge, either because I've seen the instrument used by professionals or because the brand is well-known in Bluegrass circles. Also see banjo builders.

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  • Blueridge

    Well regarded considering their cost.

    Saga Musical Instruments
    137 Utah Avenue
    South San Francisco, CA USA 94080
    +1 (650) 588-5558

    Made in China

  • Bourgeois

    Dana Bourgeois / Pantheon Guitars
    2 Cedar Street
    Lewiston, ME USA
    +1 (410) 254-4433

    Made in USA

  • CB Guitars


    Unusual among small luthiers for building both banjos and guitars.

    Chris Bozung
    7151 New Hope Road
    Fairview, TN USA 37062
    +1 (615) 799-9217

    Made in USA

  • Collings


    11210 W. Hwy 290
    Austin, TX USA 78737-1913
    +1 (512) 288-7776

    Made in USA

  • Composite Acoustics


    CA was early in the use of composites for musical instruments, perhaps ahead of their time. Now I've seen fiddles made with carbon fiber. Could it be a trend? CA was acquired by Peavey in 2011. And yes, I saw one of these on stage in a Bluegrass performance.

    Meridian, MS USA 39301
    +1 (877) 860-5903

    Made in USA

  • Gallagher Guitars

    Maker of the Doc Watson signature model.

    P.O. Box 128
    Wartrace, TN USA 37183
    +1 (931) 389-6455

    Made in USA

  • Gibson Acoustic


    The address shown below is the corporate address for Gibson in Nashville. Acoustic guitars are made in Bozeman, Montana.

    309 Plus Park Boulevard
    Nashville, TN USA 37217
    +1 (800) 444-2766

    Made in USA

  • Guild Guitars


    Fender Musical Instruments
    17600 North Perimeter Drive, Suite 100
    Scottsdale, AZ USA
    +1 (480) 596-9690

    Made in USA

  • Jean Larrivee Guitars, Ltd.

    780 E. Cordova Street
    Vancouver, BC CAN V6A 1M3
    +1 (805) 487-9980

    Made in Canada

  • Johnson

    See the Carolina Series. A division of TML, The Music Link.


    Made in China

  • Kendrick Custom Guitars

    I've seen them, I've heard them, they're great. No Web site, no email.

    Neil Kendrick
    787 Kendrick Ridge Road
    Frenchburg, KY USA 40322
    +1 (606) 768-2408

    Made in USA

  • Martin

    Truly, America's guitar maker. Since 1833, six generations of family ownership. Legendary instruments, legendary players. Everybody wants a Martin, everybody compares theirs to Martin's.

    C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
    510 Sycamore Street
    Nazareth, PA USA 18064
    +1 (610) 759-2837

    Made in USA

  • Proulx Guitars & Mandolins

    Six (that's right, 6) year backlog.

    222 Nellie Lake Road West
    Iroquois Falls, ON CAN P0K 1G0
    +1 (705) 232-5482

    Made in Canada

  • Saga Musical Instruments

    See the Blueridge models. No direct sales; through dealers only.


    Made in China

  • Santa Cruz


    Home of the Tony Rice Pro signature model. A huge list of name artists. Great sounding instruments.

    Richard Hoover
    151 Harvey West Boulevard, Suite C
    Santa Cruz, CA USA 95060
    +1 (831) 425-0999

    Made in USA

  • Tacoma

    A division of Fender. The Tacoma Web site is a strange placeholder (as of May 2012), which may mean the brand is dead and the instruments are either gone or merging into the Fender line under the Fender brand. I thought Tacoma made good guitars, so this would be a loss.


    Made in USA

  • Takamine

    A division of Kaman Music.

    KMC Music Inc.
    55 Griffin Road South
    Bloomfield, CT USA 6002

    Made in Japan

  • Taylor

    The Taylors I've heard all sounded terrific and despite Taylor making many traditional dreadnought models, the ones I've seen on stage were all dreadnought cutaways! Taylor's Web site has one of the best visual presentations, allowing a lot of detail to be seen.

    Taylor Guitars
    1980 Gillespie Way
    El Cajon, CA USA 92020
    +1 (800) 943-6782

    Made in USA

Many thanks to the builders above who have graciously provided headstock images.

How to Get On This List

The following are my criteria for inclusion in this list.

  • The guitars must be available for sale in the United States.
  • The builder must make and sell at least twelve (12) guitars per year or have a history of having done so.
  • The guitars must have a connection to Bluegrass music. This usually means dreadnought models, but any model known to be used by Bluegrass musicians qualifies.
  • The builder must have a Web site. Folks come here for research purposes and without a site, there is less value in the listing.

I will maintain a listing as long as:

  • The builder's Web site exists.
  • There is some kind of legacy Web site for the instruments if the builder has retired or ceased manufacturing.
  • I deem an exception to my rules worthy.

No compensation or gratuity is accepted for inclusion on this list.

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