My Favorite Web Designers

I am very fortunate to have forged relationships with some talented graphic artists who provide Web design services. I invite you to consider them for your Web project - you won't be sorry.

Web Designer Profile
Cheri Glover

Cheri GloverCheri graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (BFA) concentrating in graphics design. During college she interned at Baltimore Magazine. Upon graduation, she held a steady string of positions in the graphics field with such companies as April Day Studios, Maryland Yellow Book, PC Tech Journal, Government Computer News, MicroProse Software, Flexographics, and Henneman + Associates. Since 2006 she has been freelancing under the business name Glover Graphics.

Cheri's Web work is characterized by extreme "outside-the-box" thinking, which has led to some unique and interesting designs that have challenged me in implementation.

Cheri designed complete sites for such clients as Pastore's, Inc., Henneman + Associates, Valid Electric Company, Soldiers Delight Conservation, Julie Swope and Suzanne's Kitchen. She also provides guidance on a variety of other design matters, including tweaks to my own site. For some of our graphics-intensive clients, Cheri has also contributed ongoing Webmaster services.

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Web Designer Profile
Rebecca Gallant

Rebecca GallantNow based in New Hampshire, Rebecca attended Fitchburg State College, MA and studied psychology for two years before gradually switching to communications, marketing and eventually graphic design. She went on to study fine arts and furthered her studies in graphic design at U Mass Lowell.

Rebecca has exhibited artistic talent from when she was very young, earning her first blue ribbon in a fine arts competition in Boston, MA at age 7. Her many years as an experienced and talented artist has served her very well as a professional web designer.

Gallantry Web Design was founded in 1992 and Rebecca has worked with many clients from all backgrounds and walks of life ever since. She has designed pages for other creative individuals, such as published authors, award winning artists, sculptors and musicians. She is also adept at designing for any small business or large corporation with a keen eye on using imagery that gets buyers, clients and results.

Becky and Will have collaborated on complete sites for SPX Media of Oregon including Alice In Wonderland Trivia and World Beer Trivia.

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Web Designer Profile
Bill Reuter

Bill ReuterBill trained as an illustrator at the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT and his talent for illustration informs his multimedia designs. The Connecticut native started his career as an art director for Silverman Design and Promotional Development. At Westport Marketing in 1982 his high-flying clients included the Statue of Liberty Foundation, The America's Cup and The White House. In 1986 Bill joined Ziff-Davis Publishing in New York where he created ads, brochures, logos, illustrations, media kits and collateral for PC Week, PC Magazine, Government Computer News and PC Tech Journal.

In 1991 he founded Reuter & Associates in Baltimore with his wife and design partner, Sharon Reuter. He created print and interactive content for clients such as Crain Communications, Standard & Poors, BNA, the Washington Post and Network of Executive Women. Bill has designed revenue-generating supplements for such national publications as Pensions & Investments, InvestmentNews, TelevisionWeek, Government Computer News and Convenience Store News.

Keeping up with the times, Bill is applying his considerable design skills and deep experience to video production, a growing part of his business.

Visit Reuter & Associates Web site or contact Bill via .

Web Designer Profile
Brink Media

Danny VinikBrink Media is a full-service design, media, interactive marketing and development company in Tucson, AZ with offices in Washington, DC, New York, and Los Angeles. Its long-standing expertise with Web interactivity has allowed Brink to move smoothly into the mobile app world, where it has already deployed some innovative solutions.

Brink's versatility is evident in its founder, Danny Vinik (left), whose personal credits include very early interactive Web solutions and filmmaking. More recently, exciting projects like E-Junkie and BrinkGuide demonstrate Brink's expertise in mobile, media, content, and technology.

As a consultant to others, I have worked with and hired Brink for larger projects. I can attest to the firm's design skills from that experience.

Brink designed my current Web site, Despite some initial misgivings, Danny and former Brink designer Brandon Motwani were able to integrate my iconic "Little Will" into the design, allowing me to continue the brand in other marketing materials. Although not as elaborate as most of Brink's work, the design wins praise from many visitors. It was one of four designs proposed.

Visit Brink's Web site or call the sales office nearest you.