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All Web site projects are done on a flat-rate basis. You'll receive a proposal with a quote and a clear statement of what you will get. Most projects are priced based on complexity, the number of pages, the amount of design and graphics work I need to do, whether you have an existing site, and several other factors. All sites include my self-service content management system, SiteCommander™, enabling you to maintain your own content.

I offer several package plans at attractive and competitive prices. Payment terms are available.

Concerned about cost? Read What does a website cost? I'm a bargain!


General Pricing

Basic Sites - $995

If you need a simple, small site with just a few pages and you have your content ready to go and a design chosen, I will build the site at a low, flat rate. Even at this low rate, the site will include SiteCommander and will allow you to maintain your own content.

Typical Small Business Site (Full Featured) - $1,750 to $2,450

My fully featured sites include all SiteCommander modules (excluding my Music system for performing artists) and whatever custom features are required to provide you with exactly the Web site you need.

Small Business, Light eCommerce - $1,995 to $2,750

If you are selling items on a third-party service (e.g., Amazon) or wish to have a shopping cart like eJunkie, I can customize my basic products system to accommodate your needs. See my Portfolio for examples of clients using the eJunkie cart or Amazon buttons. An SSL certificate is recommended. My standard gallery system supports product galleries, which allow multiple images of a single product to be presented (examples).

Small Business - Full eCommerce - $2,250 to $3,495

If you want to sell goods directly and accept payment online through a service like, my products system can handle it including encryption of personally identifiable information. In addition to the payment processing account, an SSL account is required. My standard gallery system supports product galleries, which allow multiple images of a single product to be presented (examples).

Unique Features - Call for Quote

SiteCommander and my development skills combine to form the perfect environment for creating those special features that will set your site apart. Whatever your business requires, I can program it.


Special Packages

The Bluegrass Special - $1,250

Get complete control over your touring schedule and other important areas of your site with my special SiteCommander package just for Bluegrass bands (other performers, $1,950-$2,750). Details...

The Restaurant Special - $2,450

SiteCommander's menu management module allows me to create a site for your dining establishment that includes an online menu customized to your needs. You have full control over the menu including organization, descriptions, and prices. Details...

The Coffee News Package - $1,250

If you are a multi-edition Coffee News publisher, I have the perfect system for maintaining your site. See my portfolio for examples. Unlike other packages, this one includes my design fee.


Design Services

While I do some design work for my clients, I am not an artist. I can provide references to excellent Web site designers with whom I have negotiated flat fees or I will be happy to work with any designer you choose. Design work is in addition to the fees shown above.

Complete Design (by me) - $395

I can do your site's design if you have appropriate graphical elements from which to work, such as logos and photographs. I have designed a number of sites for clients to their satisfaction. Just remember that you get what you pay for!

Purchased Template - $95 to $195

There are many designs available for purchase on the Web for prices ranging from $10 to $200, with most around $50. Premium templates cost cost $2,500 or more. You can sometimes buy a low-cost design outright for a higher fee in order to prevent others from using it.

If you purchase such a template, I will need to adapt it to your circumstances. Please consult with me prior to purchasing a template so I can assess the needed work, if any. If the work is easy, I will probably waive this fee.

Designer Support - $0 to $150

Professional Designers with extensive Web experience usually deliver all the graphical assets in ready-to-go formats. Designers less familiar with Web design require more effort from me, so I may charge a fee to cover the extra work and time communicating with the designer.

Purchased Template Sources

There are dozens of online vendors of Web site templates. Here are a few that look good to me, arranged in alphabetical order. My listing here does not constitute an endorsement.

There are also dozens of online vendors offering or advertising free templates. I urge you to avoid the freebies - it's not worth the hassle.

And, again, if I am building your Web site, please consult with me prior to purchasing a template. I'll take a look at it to assess the work involved in using it.

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Note: Package prices shown above do not include site design unless otherwise noted. Unexpected or extensive graphics work on provided art may entail additional expense. Pirces shown subject to change at any time.