Web Site Portfolio 

A Sampling of My Web Development Projects 

The projects below represent work I have done without the benefit of Cheri Glover's artistry and before the two of us partnered on WebDesignBuild.biz. See the portfolio there for our joint projects.

Dragon Bio-Consultants, Ltd.

Dragon Bio-Consultants, Ltd. » Hong Kong

A basic brochure site created on a tight deadline and featuring dual languages - English and Chinese.

Paul Hawthorne's Site
Before & After

Paul Hawthorne's Site » ex of Tehachapi, CA

Before my friend's death in early 2007, he asked me to publish the contents of his Web site for the indefinite future.

The clean, crisp, timeless layout was designed by Paul.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

ATC is a classic personal computer game dating back to the '70s. I built this site to publicly provide the PC (MS-DOS) version of the game, written in 1982, that runs in Windows 7 and earlier.

Salisbury Panoramas

Salisbury Panoramas » Salisbury, VT

I helped my brother, a Visiting Research Scholar at Middlebury College, build this micro-site to display the GigaPan panoramas he created for his town's conservation site.

Will Fastie's SitesProfessionally Designed

Will Fastie's Sites

A design from Brink Media, Tucson, AZ, graces personal site. Brandon Motwani was the principal designer.

The Wine School of Delaware
SiteCommander E-Commerce Integration - E-jJunkie Testimonial

The Wine School of Delaware » Newark, DE

Although this site is no longer online, I keep it listed here because it is a good example of the results possible with a purchased template. Logo by Brian Boehm.

Stoney Brook B&B
Photography by Will Fastie Before & After Testimonial

Stoney Brook B&B

This very pleasant B&B just outside Gettysburg closed when the owners retired in late 2009. It was one of my favorite projects and I remain proud of it. The entire site is here - just click on the image.

With Gratitude
SiteCommander Before & After

With Gratitude » Baltimore, MD

Designed and originally built by Timothy Schmidt and Terrence Creamer, Loyola '12. Sadly, the shop closed.

World Beer TriviaProfessionally Designed

World Beer Trivia » Grants Pass, OR

Site design by Rebecca Gallant.

Alice in Wonderland TriviaProfessionally Designed

Alice in Wonderland Trivia » Grants Pass, OR

Site design by Rebecca Gallant.

Turnaround Technologies, Inc.

Turnaround Technologies, Inc. » Auburn, WA

I developed a dynamic template so this consulting firm could maintain the site itself using Microsoft Expression Web.

SPX Media
SiteCommander E-Commerce Integration - E-jJunkie Testimonial

SPX Media » Grants Pass, OR

A startup print/e-book publisher. The site's store supports affiliate links to resellers.

Ross NickersonProfessionally Designed
Before & After Testimonial

Ross Nickerson » Florida

Ross Nickerson is an internationally-known banjo player from Baltimore now residing in Florida. Design by Doug Sohn.

SiteCommander Before & After Testimonial

NAVH » New York, NY

For 55 years, the National Association for the Visually Handicapped was the leading organization for the "hard of seeing."