Office 2007 & Me!

June 17, 2009

When more than half my clients are using the current version of Microsoft Office instead of an older version, the majority of support requests reaching me are for the current version.

So last week, two and one-half years after the product was released, I finally upgraded my own primary system to Office 2007 from Office 2003.

In the past I've happily gobbled up new editions of Office as they were announced and I was rarely disappointed. But Office 2003 was such a good product across the board that it was hard to see how most of my clients (or even an Excel maven like me) would actually benefit from the changes inflicted by 2007.

With only a week's worth of day-to-day experience, I can't draw any conclusions. That, however, is damning enough. Meanwhile, I'm scratching my head over the horrible performance of my Excel VBA macros.

Not that there's much choice. Buyers of new PCs no longer have the option of buying any version of Office except for 2007, the very reason I finally passed my "point of no return."

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