Terabyte Update

September 6, 2009

I periodically check on the retail price of storage. The one terabyte (one trillion bytes) drive is a good indicator.

Date1TB Drive¢/GB500GB Drives¢/GBTB Edge
Sep 2009 $90 $60 12¢ -25%
Jul 2008 $190 19¢ $150 15¢ +24%
Jan 2008 $320 32¢ $240 24¢ +33%
May 2007 $450 45¢ $268 27¢ +67%

The last column of my updated "Terabyte Update" table shows how much more a single TB drive costs than two 500GB drives on a per/GB basis. In the last year, the 1TB drive crossed over and became more economical than dual 500s.

Hard disk drives continue to batter Moore's law, which predicts that the 1TB drive would cost $113 in May, 2010.

For comparison, here is the approximate cost per gigabyte of a other storage types: 250GB solid state memory drive, $2.76; flash memory such as that used for cameras, $9; and contemporary DDR3 RAM, $25.

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