Hosting Recommendations

July 13, 2014 - I've Updated my Entire Site

For a number of years I have posted my "review" of hosting companies here on my site and made it easily available with a link on appropriate pages. The review was long, filled with technical detail, difficult to read, and hard to maintain. After some complaints, I added a table at the top that listed hosting companies in the order of my recommendation. The article was still a problem.

Here's my new approach: I tell you what I think, quickly, briefly, and to the point. Anyone needing more can simply ask and I will explain the why in as much detail as you require.

Although the new article is much shorter, it is expanded. It now includes my recommendations for domain registrars and email services.

In addition to providing the new article, I have also revised the rest of my site to remove older recommendations and to reference this new material. I'll be able to keep the information up to date more easily.

I hope clients new and old will find this set of recommendations more helpful.