Love, Hate, and Network Solutions

July 12, 2014 - I Wish NetSol Was a Better Company so I Could Recommend It

Network Solutions is the original and for many years was the only domain name registrar. If you've had your domain name for a long time, there is a high probability that "NetSol" was your registrar.

As a Web developer with many clients, I love Network Solutions because its control panel allows a third party like me to see and access the parts of a domain registration that are technically important. I can do this because you, as the account holder, can designate me as the technical contact. You don't need to give me your credentials. When I log in with my credentials, into my personal account, I can see the registrations for all my clients in one place. From my point of view, this is a huge plus available from no other registrar.

For that reason alone, I want you to register at NetSol.

Unfortunately, I hate Network Solutions because:

  • It is more expensive than any other registrar.
  • It sends more annoying and unnecessary email than any other registrar with which I've had experience. Excessive is too mild a word to describe this.
  • It uses scare tactics to sell you services you don't need. (Hint: don't buy anything, including privacy, when buying a domain name registration. You can always add later if needed.)
  • If you try to cancel a service, it presents messages with complex and ambiguous wording designed to confuse or scare you.
  • It offers lower, competitive registration rates when you are just about to terminate a service.

Today I encourage my clients to move to a less expensive registrar with less annoying marketing practices. And even there Network Solutions annoys by strongly resisting transfers, again with scare tactics and offers of lower rates.

NetSol has been through several ownerships over the 15 or so years I've had an account. Marketing practices have varied with ownership. The most recent owner is I haven't seen any change for the better since took over and I don't know if any are coming.

The bottom line is that I will love it if you register at Network Solutions because it makes my life easier. But you will hate me when you spend more money. Despite wanting to recommend the company, I can't.

For details on what I do recommend, read more.